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Hey, I'm Alex! I'm a freelancing digital artist from northern Michigan. My passions are fantasy, world-building, concept art, and character design, as well as photography.

I'm currently developing two comics, Crossfire, my main story, and Highlands, a secondary one. For more info, please see tabs above!


If you'd like to contact me, Deviantart, Instagram, Discord, and Email work best!

[email protected]

Discord: Umbra#1951
If I don't already have you added on discord, please let me know who you are when messaging me!

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There’s something going on unbeknownst to the residents of these planets, and their ignorance could be the very thing that kills them all.

Crossfire is a story set in an universe with multiple unique planets and societies. It follows a group of young adults with desires to find what they lost, and how their search leads them to getting caught in an underground intergalactic war. Little do they know, the war is far from their biggest concern.

Want to read more about the characters? See the links below!

Official Crossfire art and concepts


This story is still new, a quote will be put here upon developing it more

Highlands is set in the southwestern United States, specifically the Four Corners area, in the mid 1800s. It follows a small dragon named Flicker, who lives among a village of drifters. She and her friend Lynx set out to find where she's really from, and stumble across many old ruins along the way. Little did they know, those ruins told more than myths.

Want to read more about the characters? See the links below!

Official Highlands art and concepts